François Grisé

Photo: Guillaume Boucher


Founder - General and artistic director

Multidisciplinary artist

François Grisé's artistic practice is multidisciplinary. It encompasses the codes of theater, performance, installation and visual arts.

His creations question our relationship to ourselves, to places, to individual and collective space. They invite people to encounter and break taboos in the face of obvious but mysterious realities such as death, belonging to the cycle of nature and aging.

His works ask the questions: What happens when we take the time to question our presence in this world? They question and reframe the temporary and precarious nature of living beings. This exposure of the impermanence of our existence amplifies the sensation and awareness of being alive.

Un et un font mille creates multidisciplinary work and activities bringing up challenging questions. These activities, through a cycle about a specific theme, provoke unexpected encounters where each participant and spectator is invited to become part of the action.


Since 2014, François and his team have been leading a large cycle entitled Vivre vieux which questions individual and collective choices in the face of the new realities of aging. This cycle includes Imaginarium - POESIS 3 (presented in 2018 and 2019), the documentary piece Tout Inclus (presented in its first version in October 2019) as well as another creation that's a work in progress - co-directed with Agathe Foucault - which is called Fontaine de Jouvence - POESIS 4.

The multidisciplinary HABITATS forum is an integral part of the Vivre vieux cycle.