Stéphane Lemire

Stephane Lemire

Internist geriatrician / Author, 44 years old  

Stéphane Lemire is an internist geriatrician since 2005 and holds a master’s degree in management from the Imperial College London. His close and special relationship with his grandmother Laurette animates him and gives him the motivation to work towards “adding life to older age.” To pursue this mission, Stéphane founded the AGES Foundation, of which he is also the president. In the same spirit, he is a co-author of the book “Vieillir, la belle affaire,” published by Trécarré.

Amongst all of the questions that resonate with you about aging and growing old, which one seems the most essential for you that you would like to share ?

Offering support to elderly people in our community and social geriatrics.

From your own experiences, tell us about a significant moment or event in your personal or professional life that shaped your perspective around aging.

My childhood with my grand-mother by my side and also Miss Gordon, during a stay in London as part of my training…

During our meetings last October, you imagined taking some first steps, the first actions. Can you remind us what they were? Can you tell us what happened when you put them into action?

If, in the coming months, you were given the time, energy and resources to set up a (new?) Project with our common questions at heart, what would it be?

According to your experiences and your expertise, where is the vitality, the curiosity, the strength to act in the face of the realities of aging?