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HABITATS is an artistic, scientific and civil laboratory which provokes reflection and action in the face of the challenges and realities of aging. We collectively address and confront these realities.

Through consultations and public reflection panels taking place over the next three years and through an international co-creation unit, we are building projects that change the perception of aging. The HABITATS interface is the window for the aggregation and dissemination of these exchanges and projects through its website.

HABITATS is a call to action. HABITATS prompts us to think in order to act.


In 2025, with HABITATS, we will have contributed to making artworks, tools and knowledge accessible, in order to continue the social conversation around our individual and collective conception of aging.

With HABITATS, we will have opened the door to concrete actions in several spheres of society, actions resulting from a mobilized collective approach; we will have changed our perceptions and our relationship to the new realities of our aging population; we will have access to different models of the aging population and to structuring means of living together in our old age. We will be able to make informed choices in the face of our increasing longevity.


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Self-determination, inclusiveness, diversity, freedom of choice, and the power to change with the help of collective intelligence.


We will also tackle the issue of how age and generations are represented in our daily life, in order to draw up a coherent roadmap of possible alternatives and solutions.

The more we are aware of what is available to us, the less we are afraid, and the more we are free and responsible in our decision-making.


Together, we imagine what the possibilities are.