We're aging, let's act

to inhabit our old age


HABITATS is a social innovation project launched in October 2020 by Un et un font mille and its founder François Grisé, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut and the Élisabeth Bruyère School of Social Innovation of the Université Saint- Paul.


This citizen, artistic and scientific movement gives a voice to seniors. HABITATS promotes actions surrounding the realities and challenges of aging. It stimulates thought and encourages action by asking this urgent question:

how do we want to live in our old age?


To respond to this, HABITATS offers a series of multidisciplinary initiatives whose reflection and actions focus on habitat as a physical, individual, social and collective place.

HABITATS's objectives

In collaboration with our partners, we want:

• Address the realities of aging by leading social transformation projects;

• Know and publicize existing initiatives;

• Change perceptions of seniors;

• Promote collective and individual accountability;

• Mobilize influential, sensitive and plural voices;

• Deploy artistic initiatives conducive to reflection, action and mobilization;

• Become an essential influencer with decision-makers;

• Bring about change and take concrete action, everywhere in Quebec;

Horizon 2024

The action as a reflection Engine

From October 1, 2021 , Un et un font mille is launching a new series of activities,

consultations and panels intended to transform from the base the citizen perception to

with regard to aging, throughout Quebec.

For the next three years, multidisciplinary committees named interforums

will be deployed and put into action in the 17 administrative regions of Quebec . Those

interforums , in addition to bringing together seniors, will bring together the key players in

municipal and constituency organizations and governments.

Each interforum will meet on a regular basis to identify the actions and

existing organizations, identify regional priorities and create promising projects that

will serve as reproducible models.

The interforums will also report on the progress of their projects, particularly in terms of

mobilization, partnerships and development of their projects.

In order to provide a showcase for these different activities, Un et un font mille will make it available on HABITATS website for information on the development of regional forums. There

will also find: publications concerning our actions and those of our partners,

tools for action and reflection, testimonials, polls, etc.

Targeted public speaking campaigns in the media sphere and networks

social are also planned. They will allow us to make the mission known

Forum Habitats and involve as many people as possible in the

interforums. As such, a citizens' march will be organized by Un et un font mille on the 1st

October of each year on International Seniors Day.

Spring 2022

First national meeting

In May 2022, the members of the interforums will converge on the first meeting

National Forum Habitats. This major annual meeting will allow people

participants to exchange information and present concrete solutions to

to the challenges of aging in their respective regions. By participating, you will grow the

Habitats movement!

Be at the heart of the movement

17 administrative regions involved

15,000 people per region mobilized

250,000 people taking action across Quebec

1,200,000 people made aware of the challenges of aging and housing